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eSecurity Solutions provides Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services to companies to solve the need to managing security products and also to monitor and provide incidence response after attacks or disasters.
MDR services are a step up from product-centric managed security services in that the focus of MDR is to provide you with a secure integrated infrastructure that manages, monitors and contains threats or attacks without your intervention. Once we see a threat, we analyze it and determine the best way to quickly contain it. At that point, we notify you and then the proper course for any further remediation can be determined.

Its Time to Move to a Managed Detection and Response Services Bundle

eSecurity Solution’s MDR services provide 24×7 monitoring of the MDR security stack. The core managed detection and response security stack includes the #1 SIEM solution (IBM QRadar on Cloud), plus a choice of industry leading UTM firewalls and an EDR level endpoint security solution. Combined, we can monitor your core security and add other security solutions for MFA, WAF, patching etc. The result is a robust integrated security solution, managed and monitored by experts.
Customers buy these services for multiple reasons. 1) They are more convenient. These services provide an integrated security solution that is fully managed and monitored by a third party with expert resources. 2) Security is at a higher level and therefore more regulation compliant, 3) These services provide superior detection and response services and therefore allow companies to provide a more complete solution including prevention, detection and response.

Why do Companies Need Managed Detection and Response Services?

Security Attacks are Growing, Fast Morphing and Longer Lasting

Security attacks are increasing every year. More and more of them are targeting small and mid-size companies including CEOs. Attacks are devastating like CEO fraud, credential theft with financial online account access and ransomware. Many attacks once in your system are there for months before they are detected.

Companies are Having a Tough Time Keeping Up

  • The Rate that companies detect and respond to attacks is too slow
  • They need to maintain “appropriate security” to be compliant
  • Cyber skills requirements are rising at a rapid rate
  • Regulation Compliance: The need to be compliant with multiple WW regulations is rising
  • Other corporate priorities exist that take away from managing security

Companies Need Large Full Time Staffs to Manage, Detect & Respond to Attacks

  • Qualified security personnel are hard to find, and the number required exceeds budgets.
  • According to ESG research, 82% of cybersecurity professionals agree that improving threat detection and response (i.e. mean-time to detect (MTTD), mean-time to respond (MTTR), etc.) is a high priority at their organization.
  • 77% of cybersecurity professionals surveyed by ESG say business managers are pressuring the cybersecurity team to improve threat detection and response.
  • Threat detection and response is not easy. Cybersecurity professionals point to issues such as an upsurge in the volume and sophistication of threats, an increasing cybersecurity workload, and a growing attack surface.

Outsourcing an MDR Service Can Provide Expertise, Resources and Stronger Security

Expert security partners that provide risk assessments, who work with leading security product providers and who provide managed security services can lighten you load. They have the benefit of being immersed in security every day. Plus, by providing security risk assessments, they see where companies have gaps in their security. Working with many security product vendors enables them to understand who is best in class and what can work well together.