Trainee - ORACLE - Backend Says..

I am one of the lucky guy who got chance to get oracle training from Lightning Minds.....unlike dumping lot of stuff into our brain, Lightning Mind's training sessions were interactive. His way of expalining a topic was very good . He started every topic from basics and made us learn step by step through assignments. Provided enough material , Examples and motivated us to work hard. Always available on phone and mail. What else we can expect. Thank you for all your support...............

Trainee - ORACLE - Backend Says..

Before I give how the training was, Let me introduce myself. I am ECE Student. To be frank, I know nill about Oracle when my training started. I thought Oracle is a language just like Java and nothing more and always had fear if I gonna make it. As the training started gradually I came across the various things which changed my perception towards Oracle.

Oracle is not only about writing Select queries or some piece of Pl/Sql. There are lot of things to learn inside oracle and Ultimately you will not be surprised If I say there are lot of branches or routes of Career inside Oracle itlself and to throw light on few..Pl/Sql Developer, Perfomance Tuning, Sql Tuning, Oracle reports/forms and many more. To learn all these here comes training in the picture. The training is not about teaching Sql, Pl/sql, Reports etc but how they teach is much more important.

In our training we were taught Sql, Pl/sql just not only with examples but with appropriate excersises on timely basis. The intesity of training was much appreciated because I truly could experience the power of Oracle. Apart from oracle, I was trained in many fields related to database like XML, Erwin tool, Oracle Forms, Tuning and many tips related to programming. I surely can say the quality of training raised my Confidence level. Kudo's to the efforts made by the trainer in giving timely tips for preparing interviews.

I take pride in saying the training precisely meet all the goals set at the start and he is a real pro and extremely easy to work with and has a genuine interest in ensuring the quality of training meet all the deadlines with satiated flavors.

Trainee - Custom Tailored Program (Oracle Associate Training) Says..

I take the privilege to share a few things about the training i have undergone for Oracle techincal Associate ,

There is nothing much to say about the training in simple words. I can say its 'The Best' As a fresher we guys need training which we take in India its the same. The difference is I have expereinced here rahter than theoretical way. They train us in more pratical way which leds us to face the pratical problems we face usually in the firms, But onething honestly to say is that how much they teach is irrelevant but how much we work out to reach their expectations is important.

Trainee :

I took training in Oracle applications financial modules. The course covered several aspects integrated to Oracle E Business suite including Shell scripting, Oracle forms, Oracle reports, Oracle BI publisher, SQL, PL/SQL, Business knowledge, Accounting Basics. Trainees had some great privileges like 24*7 access to Oracle instance, Private Lightning minds Forum, Recorded Class Videos. Recorded classes and a private forum are really out of box ideas, they give you an option to revise any difficult concepts and get relevant answers from trainers promptly!! What can be better because you can be sure the answers are correct unlike online forums.

I must admit that after i started taking training in lightning minds i slowly forgot the fact i had completed a Masters in an engineering stream. The entire curriculum was covered by 3 experienced Oracle applications professionals.

Madhu was responsible for the major part he was very fluent in what he explained. His approach to trouble shooting clearly reflected his experience. His presentations were aptly prepared and he often correlated with real time business scenarios so that anyone from any domain would get a crystal clear picture of what really happens in the back ground and how companies run their businesses and what your role would be when you will be on board. He promptly replies to all your questions and doubts when ever you have one with great patience.

Mohana was an Oracle Functional consultant with heavy financial domain experience. His command on the subject can be quickly sensed if you indulge in a simple business conversation. He taught us the basic accounting principles and again with very real business scenarios.

Chari was responsible for overall smooth functioning of the system (Training, Administration and Marketing). He taught Oracle Order Management. Motivation is the first word that cuts across your mind when you start a conversation with him. Highly disciplined and inspirational individual with lot of domain and business experience. His attention and commitment to detail in training and marketing are exceptional. His continuous monitoring will keep you intact with the course.


Anil is a highly professional and composed individual. His marketing strategies are highly aggressive. Needless to mention he has great communication skills and huge network in IT. Constant attention to detail and his never say die attitude strongly bolster his personality.

I strongly recommend lightning minds if any one out there is looking to start a career in Oracle.