Lightning Minds offers training in wide range of areas in ORACLE technologies.

Experienced Trainers

Our deep understanding in Oracle Technology Stack, Coupled with our experience in training and consulting means that you can rely on us to ensure the success of your career.

Real Time Servers (24/7 Lab Access)

There is a saying.

"What you hear you forget. What you see, you remember. What you do, you understand." We provide a dedicated environment to practice that will be available to you 24 hours a day. These environments can be accessed either through browser or through freeware tools like Putty (for Secured Shell access), VNC Viewer etc.

So You are not learning, you are experiencing.

Discussion Forums

You can always be in touch with other trainees and that means that multiple brains into effect. After the training course is complete - you are not left on your own. You'll have on-line access to your training instructor to answer any follow-up questions from the training course.

Recorded Sessions

You will never miss a class and can playback as many times as possible. Click here to see a demo  

Challenging Hands on Exercises/Assignments

It feels better to be productive. We make sure that you are always busy with you hands on practice.

Online Training

We don't want to miss you just because you are not in our locations. You can always learn from your comfortable location.

Trial Sessions & Money Back

We would like to give our trainee a 100% risk free trial for first 5 sessions in any of our training and we will refund the 100% of the fees with no questions asked if the candidate couldn't continue the session for any session.

Metalink Access

Metalink is Oracle’s knowledge base. It contains documentation for all Oracle Technology and Application products. It also provides whitepapers (i.e. Metalink Notes) that provide additional information regarding these products. You can also use the forum in Metalink to ask questions. Metalink truly does contain a wealth of information, usually non-working professionals and who doesn’t have CSI identifier will not get access to Metalink.

Courses Offered

Check our Course Catalog page for list of courses offered and their upcoming sessions.